Happy days diary


a show built, interpreted and directed by Teatrino Giullare

A Teatrino Giullare production made with the support of Regione Emilia Romagna

A work initially conceived in spring 2020 during the quarantine period for the spread of Covid 19. The project makes its first partial appearance in the form of a short film, 14 short stop motion fragments each linked to a quote from the famous text by Samuel Beckett, fulminant evocations of a state of isolation and stasis published from time to time on Instagram during the lockdown. The video appearance won the 2020 Rete Critica Award and the 2021 Hystrio Digital Stage Award.

Now the characters act live on a stage: a couple blocked, isolated, with no possibility of movement. In their words, in the changes of mood, in the banality of the attempts to react to the meaninglessness of life, we find another effective Beckett exploration of the human condition which illuminates with very particular adherence the extraordinary situation experienced by everyone during the pandemic period. But the protagonist declares that she still lives a wonderful life. And her days – which pass like ours between waking and sleeping – are happy days.

A tribute to time, to quarantine, to its sufferings, to its reflections, to the irony of fate, to Beckett’s writing and to the theater’s ability to read its own time.

new production 2022/23

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