An Art Installation in New York

TALES is an artistic installation by Cikuska and Teatrino Giullare, a tribute to storytellers, to theater, to those who know how to tell stories that save lives. In fact, we think that the most extraordinary human ability is to imagine and tell stories that help pass the existence. The work represents a large nest full of masks, backlit and visible even at night, the thousand faces of characters who are about to take flight. They are ethereal, different, transparent and luminous, reflections of humanity, they are the protagonists of dreams and inventions created by the minds of women and men, they are the repository of our imagination.

TALES was selected by the New York City Park Department for its temporary park art program and is installed starting 20 August 2022 in Hunter’s Point South Park (Queens, New York City).

Making this work in New York has a special meaning for us. It is our way of celebrating theater, art, life, all the journey made up to here, all the people we met, the looks, the smiles, the emotions, the authors and above all the stories that have nourished us, the juice of life, the indispensable consolation.

The work is dedicated to the memory of the Italian poet and playwright Giuliano Scabia who wrote: “It is with love that masks sometimes reappear, but as soon as they are recognized they take refuge in the shadows from which they came. They keep the nests of dreams warm”.

Special thanks to Holly Johnson and Cheekymonkeyhome.


This fundraising is used to support the expenses necessary for the realization of the project (construction – August 2022, maintenance, disassembly- December 2022)

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