Tragic drone

A flight above the Oresteia

A digital project to think the spectator’s experience in an active way using the potential of innovative tools that can be exploited remotely to understand the possibilities of the theater game and the usability of theatrical themes.

The subject is taken from Aeschylus’ Oresteia . A tribute to the game of Aeschylus’ theater and to Pasolini the translator on the centenary of his birth.

The Oresteia is the work of points of view starting from that of the gods who observe from above, to that of the choir who observes from a distance, up to that of the characters immersed in the tragedy.

The founding idea of the project is to broaden the question of the different points of view posed by the text by filming the actions and situations with a drone and a 360-degree video camera, giving the viewer the opportunity to look around, or rather to choose their point of view, to choose what to watch.

Fragments and glimpses of justice, family, war, returns caught flying from landscape to landscape (city, suburbs, waterscapes, fields) and following the journey of Orestes who returns home questioning himself about the events and his own actions.

The result of the project is a series of 360-degree videos that can be installed in large environments with immersive projections or enjoyed with VR viewers.

The work was also temporarily uploaded on Youtube as a preview during the Digital Residencies week from 8 to 13 November 2022 to be reached:

  • with VR headsets, virtual reality viewers that allow the viewer to explore the space around him simply by turning his head
  • through the computer by exploring the surrounding environment using the mouse.
  • via smartphone or tablet used as a “window” on the world: by moving the device around you choose which portion of space to observe.

This project is the winner of DIGITAL RESIDENCES curated by the Tuscan Residence Center (Armunia – CapoTrave / Kilowatt), in collaboration with AMAT, Fondazione Romaeuropa, Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation/Steam Laundry, Emilia-Romagna Residence Centre
(The Arboretum-Teatro Dimora / The Hospital Court), Teatro della Tosse, Zone K.

Thanks to:
Cleaning Women for the music,
Laura Gemini and Anna Maria Monteverdi for tutoring,
Francesca Giuliani and the Arboreto – Teatro Dimora di Mondaino for the collaboration,
Valeria Bertozzi for technical assistance.