women as lovers


(Die Liebhaberinnen)
from the novel by Elfriede Jelinek
Acted and Directed by Teatrino Giullare
Sets and props Cikuska
A Teatrino Giullare and Festival Focus Jelinek production
with the support of Regione Emilia Romagna

A special thanks to
ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, Comune di Sasso Marconi, Francesca Zarpellon.
The protagonist of this story is Love with its anxieties and its often hollow promises.
The protagonists of this story are two girls, Brigitte and Paula, who want a better life. Brigitte has clear ideas: gain the love of a promising electrician. Paula is confused, but she falls in love because only love seems to give meaning to her existence.

Encounters, pregnancies, weddings, births, sudden deaths and paradoxes of life make up a furious and fun affresco filled with hopes and dreams in which the protagonists are two life-size dolls in the background of a landscape inhabited by grotesque characters enclosed in cardboard boxes. A story-teller and an Eros, ambiguous and unique, conduct the theatrical tale.
But the protagonist of this story is also the language, provocative and unrelenting, played on the edge of paradox, sometimes irresistibly comic.

A theatrical duel between Eros and brutality in which satire takes as its target the cruelty of relationships, the senselessness of working life and, above all, the rhetoric about love, revealed as yet another deception created by human beings to avoid seeing the poverty of their horizons.

From the extraordinary novel by Elfriede Jelinek (Nobel Prize for Literature 2004), adapted for the first time for the stage, Teatrino Giullare creates, with amazing scenic solutions, a delicate, fierce, funny and powerfully vision.
An amazing production. Renato Palazzi, Il Sole 24 Ore

A surprise […] a fresh adaptation that with minimal, but highly expressive scenic solutions, presents with humor and lightness an acute exploration of the dynamics of the relationships between human beings […] well-deserved applause. Andrea Marcheselli, Gazzetta di Modena

What you appreciate most is the visible unpleasantness of a world in which nothing is saved, in which all are guilty victims. Gianni Manzella, Il Manifesto

A bold show […] absolutely original in perfect harmony with the mind and writing of Jelinek. Mario Bianchi, Krapp’s Last Post

The great oxymoron of this performance is to show with elegance the cruelty and brutality of human beings. Alessandra Corsini, Altre velocità

The audience leave the theatre smiling for the unexpected good humor that comes out of the staging, despite the complete lack of prospects for change in the plot of the novel . The irresistibly funny side is in the actorial storytelling, light-hearted and gently irreverent. Simona Sagone, RadioCittàFujiko.it

A tragic and ironic work. Precise, surprising and brave. Federica Falgari, Persinsala

The storyteller of the show, with her human face, holds the destinies of the many inanimate characters, giving the best range of emotions fielded by the author. Stefano Serri, Concretamente Sassuolo

A show that comes straight to the heart. Letizia Bernazza, Liminateatri

One of the best visions of this year. Mario Gazzola, Posthuman.it

The work has a hard, almost philological compactness. And yet it is an original and not easy outcome. Which makes a new step forward in the search of Teatrino Giullare. Renzo Francabandera, PAC

The same satirical and raw intensity of the writer. Rosalba Amorelli, Kairos Magazine

Teatrino Giullare still surprises: truly unique in the mix of puppets and contemporary dramaturgy. Simone Pacini, Fattiditeatro


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